Turnkey Projects

We can offer a complete final design procurement and construction lump sum turnkey project with process and completion guarantees; realistic capital costs are our prime focus.

Work can be undertaken on a reimbursable basis or, as an option, on a design and construct lump sum turnkey arrangement with open book costs. Suncoast JMC is willing to support its estimates with lump sum offers in partnership with a client to demonstrate confidence in the quality of its work and to reflect the experience in the Suncoast JMC team.

The value to a client includes certainty of costs and timing, confidence to institutions involved in project finance, strong discipline and minimal scope changes during project execution, and the ability to apply process and completion guarantees.

This approach will go a long way towards instilling confidence in the project economics, and the facilitation of finance for the project. Risk is minimised and all stakeholders know the cost to complete the project, that there will be no overruns, and exactly when the cash flow will commence.

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