Process Plant Design

The Suncoast JMC team have been involved cumulatively in over 150 process plants over the last 20 years approximately – a large number of these process plants have been related to gold processing. The Suncoast JMC preferred approach is to carry out the engineering design for a process plant to around 80% completion – this is preferably done during the final definitive study phase.

Once engineering is at such a level of completion, Suncoast JMC can offer a lump-sum turnkey offer for the remaining design, procurement and construction of the process plant – included in the offer would be process and completion guarantees and an “open book” approach to the lump-sum price. This approach enables the client to maximise debt finance by providing high levels of confidence to the banks. If this approach is carried out in parallel with a final definitive study, then capital cost estimates, resulting from detailed engineering can be incorporated into the study, providing significantly higher levels of accuracy in the costs and economics.

The Suncoast JMC team’s wealth of experience in process plant design and construction enables its engineers to provide these reassuring guarantees to a project.

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