Our Approach


Costs are often found to be unacceptable only after completion of the design stage necessitating an expensive "value engineering" exercise in an attempt to bring costs to realistic values. With Suncoast JMC as your partner, this can be avoided.



Suncoast JMC can deliver a project in the most timely and cost effective manner. An aggressive design and construct approach, with a full understanding of all elements of the project, will advance the project much faster than the traditional design/tender/award/EPCM method.


Cost Effectiveness

Realistic costs are our prime focus.

The Suncoast JMC design and construct delivery method requires all the stakeholders in the partnership to work together, whereby cost effective innovations can be incorporated into the project at early stages.

With a lump sum price, detailed site planning and preparation of the relevant project packages can commence as design drawings are completed. This enables the project to proceed rapidly. An open book approach to the price assures you that your money is spent effectively.

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